Ref: Ang014 - £3 + P&P (Miniature sheet)

Theme: Llynnon Mill (Melin Llynnon)
Date of issue: 1st August 2015
Number of stamps: 1 (miniature sheet)
Number per sheet: 3
Sheets printed: 20
Stamp size: 95mm x 72mm
Format: Rectangular
Paper: Glossy, PVA
Perforations: 11¼ x 11¼
Face value: £3
Printer: Juergen Schwarz @
Photographs: © Janet Cross

Melin Llynnon, or Llynnon Mill, is a gristmill located on the outskirts of the village of Llanddeusant on the island of Anglesey. It is the only surviving working windmill in Wales.

The mill was built for £550 in 1775 and was used to drive machines for grinding corn, oats and barley. Damaged by a storm in 1918, it remained deserted and unused until the local council restored it between 1978 and 1986.